Does anyone remember Dave Matthews Band? | The Power of Genuinity


We all have our own absolute favorite music that allows us to sing too loudly in the car or give
the occasional concert while in the shower. My personal favorite is Dave Matthews Band –
anyone remember them? It reminds me of those angst-y, teenage days, listening to this in my
poster-covered bedroom.

When I had heard it on the radio for the first time, I barely blinked an eye. I remember a friend
tried the typical salesmen tricks: saying how popular it is, how much everybody likes it,
statistics, etc, etc. I just didn’t like it – it didn’t have enough “umph” to me. I was looking for
something that would make me jiggy, head bang, and shake it like nobody’s watching.

Fast forward 2 years, and I find myself with another Dave Matthews Band junkie, trying to
convince me of the same. He took the precarious time to give me the band’s backstory, the lead
singer’s past, the instrumental variety, and the lyrics that spoke to more than just a bad breakup
or scratching his old pickup with your key. The real reason for why I finally gave this band the
listen is because of one simple thing: genuinity. It isn’t just about having a distinctive brand
personality, it’s about wiping off that face of makeup, and making your customers feel as if they
are finally understood in this hectic world. Other companies can copy your product and price, but
they can’t copy what you stand for, and people will always remember how you made them feel
rather than the empty words that you say.

The world is full of an overwhelming amount of content, and people are already skeptical on what is truthful and what is another irritating scam. People pick their music like they pick where
they bring their business – they want something that will take care of them, make their day to day
that much better, and give them that “umph”. Referrals are already the most valuable and
effective way to achieve leads, but they mean nothing if they are from a template. Genuinity is
our most powerful asset as human beings. Not just basic customer service, but the investment in
being an advocate, instead of a salesman. Ask yourself: How can I bring my ‘human-ness’ to my
customers today? It isn’t the age of content – it’s the age of conversation! This weekend’s
reading focuses on the power of genuinity when it comes to growing your business.


Authenticity Matters

Today’s customers see right through the facade of being “sold to.” Everybody wants to do
business with transparency as the first priority. Whether it is doing your research ahead of time
to understand their deepest desires and needs or taking a page of a waitress’s handbook, genuine
interactions are key to a successful business. In this article, provides you with fifteen
pieces of advice on how to create and maintain authentic relationships with customers.


4 Principles of Psychology to Boost Customer Referrals

With word-of-mouth marketing being the most trusted and profitable way of advertising, it’s
curious to often see so many referral programs failing. When we talk about genuinity, it would
seem silly to not pull back the layers of what goes on inside of our heads when it comes to what
we want out of a business. thinks it is a lack of understanding of the
human mind when you miss the boat on referral marketing. This article dives into the principles
of psychology that will enhance your marketing campaigns on a human-to-human level.


25 Ways to Ask for a Referral Without Looking Desperate

Asking for referrals can be awkward, and the last thing you want to do is seem pushy. Thinking
of creative ways to stand out from the competitive crowd can be tricky, especially when the
customer base is hesitant to pour the trust into just anyone. It can be as simple as saying thank
you or making sure that you have a worthwhile referral incentive! In this article, explores the ways that you that you can ask for a referral without looking



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