I agree, needs more cowbell.

But let’s talk more about me…

My name is Daniel Cubero, a semi-recent graduate from Whitworth University in Spokane where I earned degrees in Marketing, Business Management, and Leadership Studies. I am currently employed at Balihoo (SaaS/internet start-up in Boise, Idaho) as a Digital Marketing Specialist and Certified Google Advertiser, managing PPC accounts for Affiliate business owners to achieve “Local Automated Marketing” — Balihoo’s core competency and primary value-added service.

More specifically, I am young and my focus is on taking over the world…

Okay, not really, but I am dedicated to the mission at hand, and for now, that is to be a cliche’, self-titled, life-long learner, being fiercely competitive while doing this whole “professional thing” — and doing it extremely well.

Those who know me agree that I am genuinely interested in almost everything, which is undoubtedly my greatest strength, but out of irony what I expect will be my downfall (don’t ask how thought yet, more of just a feeling…). To end this paragraph on a more serious note: I take pride in the work I do and the value I can create.

Things I enjoy…

  • strategic marketing,
  • leadership theory (specifically Chaos Theory),
  • The Art of Seduction,
  • conversations on how to make a million dollars (entrepreneurship if you are cool with 5 syllable words*),
  • thinking of how to improve the world around us (just thinking for now, though — not really in a position to make any drastic worldly changes so we never end up doing anything about it), and….
  • soccer. I have played, watched, slept, breathed, and understood the world through soccer for as long as I can care to remember. Sometimes I even still pretend I am young enough to play. Most of the time, though, I remember I am getting too old and just stick to coaching.

*if you clapped out the syllables and found it has 6, congratulations, you understood the humor.

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